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Process break - #1 2017

prozessraum supports you in decreasing your cost of operation!

The year 2016 is already history. But before we look back, we will take a look into what 2017 might bring.

prozessraum AG - Creates capacity

prozessraum AG is heading into the fourth year since inception. The focus in the first year was to support companies to increase the capacity in certain teams which in turn could be used for increased innovation activites. We used a holistic approach based on the classic 5 lenses.

Almost four years later, the holistic approach suitable for small and medium but as well for large companies, the methodology got optimized and has now capability building for Robotics (RPA) implementation as part of it.  This enables clients to free up additional capacity, based on the cutting edge approach developed by prozessraum.

Challenges for the Financial Service Industry in 2017
The year 2017 will be furthermore challenging for the financial services industry forcing market players to reduce the current cost base even further. While the FED increased the interest rates, Europe is still expected to keep the current level of interest rates until at least the second half 2017 which will lead to limited revenues. Technologies such as "RPA" (Robotics process automation) will support the efforts to reduce costs significantly due to the fact that the implementation costs are relatively low and the benefits are usually sustainable, as long as the processes are stable. Additionally, FSI will still be confronted with a vast amount of new regulatory actions (MiFIT, IFRS 9, BCBS 239, etc.). Here, efficiency improvement programs will not be helpful enough to satisfy customers, regulators and shareholders. Additionally, companies will have to focus on innovation which is supposed to be self-driven to ensure a sustainable cycle of new products.

Value add of prozessraum AG

We would like to thank our clients of 2016 for their trust while ensuring a delivered value add - you will find two examples here.

25% efficiency gain of service delivery teams for a global bank
In three projects outside Switzerland, we supported the implementation of efficiency measures as change leaders with the overall responsibility for project delivery. In each of these three projects, we were able to free up capacity of 25% and more.
The value add of prozessraum consisted of the project leadership, the analysis, the implementation and coaching of the employees.

50% non-core time revealed
In the second half of 2016, we were leading an initiative to conduct a high-level assessment of a global process. The challenge was to take different cultural and organisational point of views into consideration and to draw an accurate and widely accepted picture of the current state.
We achieved this by implementing global KPI measurement for speicifc work units and compare them accross the regions. Additionally, we analysed the basis of the deviations revealed.
The senior management was surprised to read that over 50% of the time spent by employees was non-core related (e.g. reporting, chasing activities, etc.). Starting in Janury 2017, five initiatives will address the issues revealed.

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